Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The eve of the war

So the Ashes kick off tomorrow. This has really crept up for me. I haven’t kept in touch with cricket as much as I’d like, save the occasional (well, frequent) cringe at our performances.

BUT I think we’re in trouble. For me, the first sign of trouble was when I saw this.

See, as far as my recollection goes, England aren’t usually this confident. It’s out of character. It’s what’s been missing. The ‘who needs a win when we can draw!’ attitude has been Australia’s greatest advantage (that and a man whose supremely photoshopped mug is now the face of a product reminiscent of chicken, called McBites. How they fall).

“We're aware it's a tough assignment going to Australia and winning, very tough, but we're in a good place to do it. We're quietly confident we can do it without being over-the-top arrogant.”

Andrew Strauss there, sounding like leadership material.

Australia on the other hand, is a mess. For Ricky Ponting to make an appearance on the 7.30 Report to justify himself was a sure sign that things weren’t boding well (that and our unprecedented losing streak). On that subject, did anyone see that interview and think stop playing golf!! The massive squad that was named, the doubt around Michael Clarke. This isn’t our usual, cool scare tactics, more like a genuine, big time, self-destructive mess.

The Brisbane Test will be, to quote our finest political analyst, a litmus test for Australia. Whoever can claim the first match will triumph in the confidence stakes, and will hold the advantage over the other for following games.

Where will you be? I’ll be at work. Pretending to work.


Missjane said...

Missy! Nice to see you back in action. Here's hoping your return to the side is as effective as Sid's.

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