Thursday, December 30, 2010

Party town Jamaica

Chris Gayle is a man with his priorities in order.

"I didn't follow much of [the Ashes] because it kind of clashed with my party events in Jamaica."

While not in Jamaica, I suspect this may have been a factor in Australia's performance too.

You only have to look at Michael Clarke's Twitter feed to note how dismissive he has been of something incredibly important to the rest of us. Like... "We worked out the answer... I will be fielding with Brad Haddins wicket keeping gloves on next test so I should be right catching.." (Nov 30, 2010).

Uhhuh. This is clearly a boy girl man person whose priorities are seriously misordered, or is too stupid to know when to shut his mouth. Either way @MClarke23, I'm glad you think it's funny.


Chris Gayle's priorities are definitely in the right order; he's here to play for the Warriors in the Big Bash competition. Despite my relative loathing of Twenty20 and its destructive ways, I'll be at the WACA tonight to watch us get annihilated play Tasmania.

Now the WACA is no MCG, don't get me wrong, it's not a big place. But last year he hit a six to the top of the Lillee-Marsh stand. And that's something I'd very much like to see.*

Also. I want to party with Chris Gayle.

*It'll be a golden duck because I'm there, now, mark my words.


Anonymous said...

Clarke once said that he found it annoying that they had lost so many matches.


Strange bloke to choose to captain Australia.

Miss Field said...

I agree. It's bizarre that something that seemed like a possibility six years ago now seems set in stone.

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I like to see that Chris Gayle is still a man with his priorities in order, I remember him back then in the first years of his career and he has not changed a lot then

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