Friday, December 31, 2010

WA vs Test vs Twenty20 vs Tasmania

I won’t lie, I had drafted most of this post mentally before I even got to the game tonight. I just can’t seem to really enjoy Twenty20. There is nothing exciting about 6, 6, W, 6, . ,4 when it happens every over. And when the boundary has been brought in about 4 metres, 6s and 4s are hardly impressive. A maiden over is ten times more exciting in Twenty20 in my humble opinion. And wickets flow so much they seem to mean nothing. Tonight’s match, while enjoyable due to the company, the umpire getting creamed by a ball along with Paine, the incredible amount of mix-ups and fumbles, just lacked something for me.

But despite the ultra vanilla feeling this evening’s match had, people still seem to rave about Twenty20. And it really gets my goat. Test cricket is hands down more interesting and more skillful yet I have to put up with bogans telling me how dull I am because I would rather go to a Test match. But it seems, as it was harder to get parking tonight than it was during the WHOLE 3rd Ashes Test, I am in the minority.

Here is how I see it:

Test cricket is the poor journalist who started life in the bottom rungs of the ABC. She worked hard everyday, checked all her sources twice, went on coffee runs for her superiors and one day was given the opportunity to be a fill in for a particularly ill Karina Calvalho. Sure she was a bit nervous, and was a little chubbier than all the other newsreaders, but she did a damn good job and held her self with poise and dignity.

A few weeks later a brassy young woman came to the ABC. Her name was T20. She was blonde, with legs up to her fabulously rounded bosoms. She wore short skirts, low-cut tops and was completely aloof to the importance of journalistic integrity. Once again Karina was sick, but this time, it was T20 who was called upon. She was charismatic-less, laughed on live television, fumbled her lines and on occasion looked at the wrong camera. Later that week a position came up for the late-night business news and you and I both know how this story ends.

Test cricket did ALL the work and now getting walked over by its inferior, lazy, retarded second cousin.

OK, so I guess I should talk about the match. Vanilla? Yes. Lacklustre? Yes.

Surprise, surprise, the Warriors were trounced. It seems to me that as well as having an international team in complete dissary, WA has to have a shoddy state team too.

Ronchi, who once (a long, long time ago…) looked like he might even be Test team material was terrible with the bat and the gloves. Early in the innings he let a ball fly through that I am convinced a blind midget in a wheelchair could have stopped.

There just never seemed to be any urgency in their batting. Maybe someone didn’t tell them they only had 20 overs? Or maybe they are trying desperately to hang onto the skills that were drilled into them about not making cheap shots and protecting your wicket…that said…it didn’t stop them from getting out.

Tasmania seemed to have a better bearing on the whole idea of Twenty20.

So Tim Paine got MOTM. Why? Because he got the most RUNS! Forget his absurdly awful performance with the gloves, he hit the ball the ‘mostest’ and that makes him the king! Pants it does!

I also noticed Mark Cosgrove is now sporting the Tasmanian colours…I am sure this happened ages ago, I am just way out of touch. I love the way all the lads look rather dapper in their uniforms, and then there is Cosgrove who looks like a chubby little kid in ill-fitting pyjamas.

And speaking of pyjamas, I should probably get into mine and hop into bed. Night.

By Ruth.


Lou said...

Shaun Marsh's out in the first over sounded dire.

Good comment about Cossie, he really does look funny out there. Watching him field for Glamorgan on the rare occasions they reached a screen was amusing.

He is surprisingly athletic but as you say fails to look like anything other than the fat kid no-one wanted to pick when he has to don the coloured outfits.

Ruth Casey said...

Ah yes, I forgot about little Marsh, that said, he didn't give me much to remember him by.

Don't get me wrong about Cosgrove, I actually quite like him and I will agree that his size doesn't seem to inhibit his playing too much, I just think it is unfortunate he looks so comical in his colours.

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I totally and completely agree with you dear blogger, I did not like and even less enjoy Twenty20 at all, I liked Tasmania though

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