Thursday, January 6, 2011

Just a little confidence

Alastair Cook.

While I'm not as passionate about the man as someone who posts on this blog who is not me, he has been the star of this series. Unequivocally.

He's become the first Englishman to ever do this; the third best that; he's been compared to, whisper it, Bradman, and; Jesus Christ, the stamina of the lad (take a deep breath ladies).

He's become a bit of a hero.

Before this series kicked off I thought England's uncharacteristic confidence gave them the edge. Well the edge, the corners and the sides, over an Australia more scrambled eggs than omelette.

“We're aware it's a tough assignment going to Australia and winning, very tough, but we're in a good place to do it. We're quietly confident we can do it without being over-the-top arrogant.”

Those were Andrew Strauss's words at the time, and he's certainly come good on them.

It's amazing how far a little confidence and faith in yourself can get you. Ability and talent as well, of course, but you arguably can't have one without the other.

Scariest part about all this for me is that Cook's only 26, and only just 26. He could be trouble for us for a long time to come. Worse, he could even define our trouble for a long time to come.

In summary, the most dominating tour of Australia by someone called Cook since 1788.

I just hope the impact won't be as permanent.


Pavilionopinions said...

Ten years he could play on for, but, chin up, Mitch prob only has another 5 left in him. He's been bromancingly good ever since he saved his bacon against Pakistan last (pom) summer. I don't know if you accept links for slightly moist-eyed tributes to english players on here, but this is my Cookie love-in. Allow us to be a bit cheery now. You'll never know how awful 1989-2003 was...;(

Miss Field said...

I really hope I'll never find out how awful 89-03 was, either!

Will add you to the blog roll.

Pavilionopinions said...

Cheers. Will do likewise. Roll on the T20s...;)

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