Sunday, January 16, 2011

The renaissance of Shane Watson

So Shane Watson won the first ODI for us. Thanks bro.

Truth is, I like to stick with my convictions; he's unlikeable and unworthy.

But now I'm in a tizz. For all his stupid wanky faults, he's... improving.

Firstly, he made 161 runs tonight. Excellent, he did his job (probably worthy of a bit more credit, but let's not overdo it here).

Secondly, he's not a total media disaster, at least it doesn't sound like it. He acknowledged the failure that was the Ashes in a way that didn't make a mockery of every cricket fan in Australia.

Then, apparently he's heading home to Queensland to lend a hand in the clean up. PR stunt? Unlikely.

What's he going to do next? Leave the field with dignity (har har)? It's like the renaissance of Shane Watson. The worm's slowly turning and before long he won't be in the Michael Clarke category of loathing anymore.

But he's still a prick. Right? Right?? Jesus, what is he?

He may still be unlikeable, but I'm not so sure about unworthy.

Let's turn to film to melodramaticise (did I just invent a word?) my dilemma.

Here, the men's only choice is between English bullets and ours.
But there's another way.

The way of courage.

The way of love of the Strayaland.

We must tell magnificent stories, stories that extol sacrifice, bravery.

We must make them believe in the victory.

We must give them hope, pride, a desire to fight.

Yes... we need to make examples.

But examples to
What we need are heroes.

Do you know any heroes around here?

Yes, comrade. I know one.

Okay, I admit it. The next post about him I'm likely to be converted.

God help us all.


Leg Break said...

Oh yes; he was so proud of himself. You could tell that.

But lets see whether he can do it when it matters shall we?

sunny said...

Shane Watson without his twatto-ish aura- I can't even imagine it.

It's time to watch that hairspray ad of his a dozen times.

missjane said...

As a long-term (and hence long-suffering) Watson fan, I'm a bit confused by all these people starting to convert. I'm excited, but I'm also all, "Seee? I *told* you..." Mind you, I've spent a long time being confused about quite why he was hated so much.

Having said that, I'm sure he will run someone out shortly and you can all get back to normal.

LB, I think this match mattered: the T20 win was great, but if we'd lost last night everyone (including me) would've despaired and it would be a long way downhill through 6 more games and the World Cup.

Leg Break said...

You wonder why he’s hated so much? Well start with the photo on this blog post; that should be a clue.

And I understand your point about last night’s ODI being less meaningless than most. But it wasn’t a World Cup semi or an Ashes test.

me said...

I've never been a Watto fan. But the more I see of Clarke these days, the more I like Watto...

arrgeekay said...

I can't understand why Watto is getting abuse when there are utter pricks likes Mitchell Johnson around? I mean, sure he is a bit of a twat, but Johnson is a complete arse.

Benjamin Golby said...

Don't be fooled!!! Just because he is acting like a saint in interviews and has defied all expectations to prove himself actually really good at cricket does not mean he is not self-serving and evil. Ignore the facade but watch his eyes and gestures when he is out on the field, they tell a very different story.

I think he is making a concerted effort for the captaincy and has been doing so for some time. Last summer when the West Indies test was on in Perth I saw Watson and Ponting having dinner together in the Royal down by the inlet in East Perth. They were both wearing baseball caps in a classy restaurant like a couple of bogans. More importantly though, watching Watson's body language you could see he was politicking and worming his way into Ponting's confidence. Also the Watson whom we know would never have claimed the blame for Katich's run out in Adelaide unless he was trying to curry favour.

There is something malignant but (for me) as yet undefinable in Watson's character which is far worse than the petty brutishness of Ponting. I am fucking terrified of him being awarded the captaincy.

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Strength Training said...

Shane needs to get Australia off to a good start in the first 15 overs. I think his slog sweep to the spinners is a shot he needs to play more on the small grounds in India and Sri Lanka. I reckon him and Ponting (as he is much better against the new ball and we do not want him facing spinners!) should open against the quicks. Haddin can slog the spinners from number 5 or 6. Clarke 3 and the Hussey brothers at 4 and 5. White at 7 and then the bowlers.

aalin said...

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utkarsh said...

I can see where you are coming from in terms of convictions and stuff and even I disapproved him earlier so much as I would say to my frns. "look dont excessively boast the wins over the Oz as their opening bat is Watto, howlow can they stoop". But I am an overall convert now for myriad reasons..

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