Wednesday, January 5, 2011

When you go from fan to follower

I find myself in an odd situation today. Sitting in my room, drinking my mandatory morning coffee and chowing down on a makeshift ham roll, I looked down at my hands and they were shaking. Shaking in the way I pray to a god, who may or not be there, to let the batsman get a century. Only thing is, said batsman was Alastair Cook. Granted I would be happy for him to get his century and then be bowled out along with the rest of his chums for two runs, but it is a worry none-the-less.

But if I dig down deep enough and be true, I recall a similar feeling way back at the WACA in 2006. It was different however. It was blazingly obvious that despite his century, England could not win. Freddie even admitted this in the press conference after they lost. So I was happy to see a youngster get his century. Now Cook’s century, and as I speak it is forming into a double, could win England the game. I will grant you, he has seen a bit of luck this innings, and a lot of shoddy of Australian bowling that he has merely had to take advantage of, but still, he deserved it, and I wanted him to get it.

At present I still have a dislike of England. Strauss because he is captain, Bell because he is a girl, Colly because he is a ranga, KP because he is a prick, Tremlett because he gives me the jibbles, basically I have a reason to dislike them all, except for Cook. I hear what you’re thinking, that I must feel this way because I fancy the lad. While this is true, it is not the reason. I fancy KP, but I would happily see him go under a truck before scoring a century.

However, I think I may have nailed the problem. When I fell in love with cricket, only five years ago, shameful I know, I was an angry, vicious Australian supporter. I hated all other players with so much disdain I would bark like a feral dog when they were dismissed. But now it would seem, while yes, I am a fan of my dear Australian team, I am a follower of cricket. And the latter trumps the former. I want to see a good game and I want to see good cricket, and if my boys aren’t playing good cricket, I won’t come to their defence when they lose.

By Ruth.


Miss Field said...

You fancy KP?

You're sick.

missjane said...

Actually I kind of understand that ... I kinda like KP, particularly without the skunk do.

I also have a soft spot for Cook, linked to the same century. I so wanted him to get it, because it was all they had and he had been so staunch.

Wasn't quite so happy about the one today, mind you, and didn't care at all that he didn't get a double, I think his 1000+ runs is quite enough, greedy bugger.

Miss Field said...

I'm with you on this missjane, I think he's had his fill. He can scoot off back to England and leave us to mop up.

Ruth Casey said...

I agree it is greedy, but it is also ambitious. And ambition is something the Poms didn't have for a long time.

And now they do, it would seem we should have kept quiet about their lack of it! Eeeep!

Cherry said...

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Junaid said...

I am a follower of cricket.

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