Saturday, February 12, 2011

Americans + cricket = RUN AWAY

There's been a bit on the news lately about the cricket team from Compton visiting Australia.

Compton is here:

No your eyes are not deceived. Americans are playing cricket. (Don't say it too loud, it might be catching.) And I don't mean the West Indies imports their 'national side' consists of.

Growing up it was drummed into me that basically, you can't trust a country that doesn't play cricket. While I realise now that there are some pretty large gaps in logic here (like the bit about not trusting those that do, either), the essential point remained: the USA are not to be trusted.

We've all heard the stories about Twenty20 and the IPL catering for an American audience, but it's a fair assumption that it's aimed that the Indian ex-pats living in the States.

This is being reported as a good news story, because Compton by the sounds of it, is a hell hole, and these young men have transcended their gangster fate because of cricket.

These young men, who call themselves the Homies & the Popz.

Are we on the same page yet? 'Mainstream' USA made hip hop and other musical atrocities genres, pioneered by downtrodden USA, popular. Right? Let your imagination run rampant for a second. Americans get into, then take over, cricket. The bats would be wider and made from aluminium; excessive headgear and armour would be likely; the ball would be softer; boundary rope closer in. The changeover between overs would be increased by at least thirty seconds to cater for advertisers. We could farewell our five day fun.

Because, good news story aside, cricket is better without the United States. No, I'm not such a heartless bitch that I'm not glad these guys turned their lives around (and if you'd like to donate to them you can do so here). But really, couldn't they find soccer or something?

I doubt that our sport is going to be conquered by Yanks just yet. Which is good, because basically, there's no room in cricket for American egos. Dealing with the Indians is challenging enough.

It will never happen. Right?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another post about Shane Watson

During the most recent Winter Olympics, F-grade sportsman Steven Bradbury said some really stupid things.

He remarked that people who weren't serious medal contenders shouldn't be involved in the Olympics, as they were doing the event a disservice, wasting people's time and there was no place for them.

I can't remember who he was referring to specifically, but think along the lines of Eric the Eel. We loved Eric the Eel in this country. He definitely had a place in the Sydney Olympics.

So Steven Bradbury is a tosser. Agree?

Interesting fact, however, is that despite him now apparently being a font of wisdom on who belongs at the Olympics, he is famous for winning gold in the 1000m speed skating final in Salt Lake City by default; because everyone else fell over.

The only reason he didn't fall too is because he was so far behind.


It should be pointed out that this man was awarded an Order of Australia medal for this 'achievement'.

I'm drawing a parallel here with someone else who's widely accepted as being a tosser, bad sport, un-Australian.


Because last night he was awarded the highest cricket award in this country by default, because everyone else was crap.

Yes he may have deserved it. But you can still be outstanding and not win by 100 votes.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you...

Shane Watson; the Steven Bradbury of cricket.