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Sunday, December 7, 2008


Yeah. It's a sleepy town. You should have seen the reaction when Michael Jackson was here, a decade or so ago (not my reaction, bleurgh).

Anyway, after the confidence fuck that was New Zealand (thanks for that, lads), and after seeing this...

...I think all is not lost.

Perhaps it is only blind faith. But those South Africans think this is their best shot at winning in Australia since they were taken off the after-school detention list.

This makes me think about my list of Evils. Is it worse to lose to India in India, or South Africa in Australia? That's like asking me to pick between Abbey Road and the white album.

People love to hate South Africa because they're arrogant bastards. It's part of the deal with the Proteas.

But the Indians seem to have this relatively newfound arrogance that I don't like. It's more than just their skill, it's about the power of their cricket board as well. Power that, in my opinion, is spiralling out of control... couldn't possibly upset the BCCI now, could we? Fuck that. And down with Twenty20 cricket, too.

Therefore, I decree, losing to South Africa in Australia is not as humiliating as the Indian series was. I reserve the right to change my mind on this. And seeing as I'll probably be there on the last day of the first test, it may well happen.

So. Captain Can't-get-a-girlfriend is in town. I'm off to the Llama Bar. I'm sure that's where I'll find him.

I'll be sure to let him know how enamoured the blogging world is with him.