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Sunday, February 17, 2008

cricinfo: dazed and confused

cricinfo have this headline...

Collingwood restores England's pride

What? Surely this is a little premature. I think "Collingwood restores furniture" or "Collingwood restores fragile ecosystem" or even "Collingwood restores monarchy" would be more appropriate, without being appropriate whatsoever.

See this is the problem. One win doesn't redeem them! It is consistency that leads to redemption, not short lived glories and getting by on hope and chance. Nor is it only up to one player to carry the rest of the team, or be the magician in getting out of trouble. (Besides which, Ronald made 73 runs. If I were him I'd be pretty cross that Paul was stealing all my short lived glory.)

The restoration of pride will only happen when they can perform consistently. I'm not sure they'd even have to win that constantly, just not look quite so much like they couldn't care less and are only along for an overseas trip, a nice blue and red shirt and a good time (and free Hugo Boss products).

I wonder how often they can look their supporters straight in the eye and say they did their best and that they honestly believe it was good enough. I'd say, more often than is truthful.

Also, the picture that goes with the story is hilarious because young Paul looks downright miserable. It's good to see someone taking it seriously for once though. Maybe he also thinks that more is required from them all. But even so, he looks more pleased when they're losing. Masochist!

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